Camp MAGIK Testimonials

Here's what some parents and kids have expressed about their Camp MAGIK experience.

"Please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything that you and your staff accomplished at Camp MAGIK this past weekend! Both had an awesome time and can't tell me enough about what they did and how much it meant to them. You will never know what a positive impact that had on each of them. Everyone associated with Camp MAGIK has a special place in my kids' hearts, and mine too."

-- Father of a 14-year-old girl camper and a 9-year-old boy camper

"When I was there I didn't feel alone. The other kids felt the way I did."

-- 11-year-old girl camper

"I cannot thank you enough for helping my little girl heal."

-- Mother of 10-year-old girl camper

"I loved being able to talk about my feelings and meeting other kids that have lost someone."

-- 11-year-old girl camper

"I attended one of your camps when I was 16 years old with my little brother who was 10 at the time. I had lost my sister to a heinous murder. I just wanted to tell you how much your camp helped us. Before the camp I wasn't allowing myself to grieve for my sister because I thought that I would have to be strong for my family and that meant not showing my weak side. How wrong was I. After that weekend, I actually opened up to my mother about how much pain I was in. We were able to cry together for the first time since the incident...That camp was the first step in getting my life back on track...I just wanted to tell you what an influence your program had on my life. I would love very much in the future to be a volunteer at one of your camps. I feel that it would only be appropriate for me to give back to something that gave me so much."

-- Female camper, 16 at time of camp participation

"Hello. I am interested in knowing if there is any possible way i can help out at Camp Magik. I myself attended Camp Magik almost 5 years ago and I really want to help others the same way Camp Magik helped me cope with the loss of my mother. I still remember my stay at the camp. From the talent show to canoeing to fitting into a square, i think, with the other campers."

-- Male camper, 15 at time of camp participation